Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, however, we are always available to answer any additional questions you may have.  Please feel free to a contact us directly.

What is a public adjuster?
We are property insurance adjusters for employ by the general public.  Our goal is to maximize insurance proceeds on behalf of the insured or homeowner for a fee contingent on the amount collected by the insured.

Can I benefit from the experience and knowledge of a trained insurance professional?
If you decide to enter the adjustment phase alone, the claimant (you) will be expected to abide by the policy conditions and present a documented and defensible scope of loss to all elements of real and personal property. Be advised that insurance company guidelines and procedures are established to minimize their exposure.

Can I benefit from the technical expertise required to create a platform for assigning itemized claim values?
Contractors should be hired and invoices collected for completed emergency board‐up, electrical, plumbing and stabilization services. A policyholder is not well served to sign a PA’s Letter of Representation under duress. Don’t delay, but don’t feel rushed. Take time to tour the damaged property with prospective advocates.

Should I file a claim?
That is completely up to you. We will not urge you one way or the other to file a claim. We will, however, share with you some likely outcomes and give you as much information as we can so you are comfortable making that decision.

Will I get dropped or will my premium go up for filing a claim or hiring a Public Adjuster?
You may or may not get dropped by your carrier. Many things go into their decision whether to drop a customer or not such as frequency of claims, claim value, and other underwriting factors that go into that decision ultimately. Our feeling is that if you pay your premiums and suffer a loss, the fact that you acted on your agreement with the company should not factor in as a reason to drop a customer. That does not mean your carrier will see it the same way.

How do I know hiring JMR Adjustment will benefit me?
Beside the result spreadsheet that illustrates the success we have achieved, we are happy to provide references upon your request.

How long will my claim take?
Often longer than you would hope. However, getting us involved in the early stages will certainly speed things up quite a bit. If we are able to package and present your claim to the company even before they send their own representative to the property, we can significantly shorten the adjustment process.

What separates JMR Adjustment Service from our competitors?

Integrity. We are representing you and, by extension, your family.
You have a sizable project on your hands and the claim process is burdensome. As the process unfolds the value of our services will become apparent because we'll be:

  • implementing a Plan of Action -providing continuous updates
  • engaging you to provide context on critical topics
  • keeping accurate record of activity
  • documenting the covered value of your losses

We are your points of contact. Salesmen promise the world. Few of THEM are qualified to deliver the product that we do. We focus on preparing you to recover fully under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy;

  • Everyone's policy is unique
  • Generally, policies have Exclusions, Limitations and Conditions. Specifics become important because not everything is black and white. Some is grey.
  • Your Insurance Company can ask you to provide a Statement of Loss and signed Proof of Loss. Deadlines would be in effect.
  • We'll be here to manage this aspect of your life's next challenge.

With respect to our Service Fees we are also distinguished. In addition to our Public Adjuster service, where we're compensated as a percentage of what you are ultimately paid, we offer focused consulting service. You may be better served to hire us to perform 'consulting services' and perform certain tasks. Our hourly rates make it mutually beneficial; cost effective and time sensitive.

"Thank you for all the help you have given to us as we dealt with our house damage from the crazy winter storm. We especially appreciate the information and advice you provided each step of the way. Your assistance has been invaluable to us during this difficult process."

JMR Adjustment Service
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